Data Science Career Opportunities- What Jobs Can Data Scientists Do?

Data science may be new to you, but according to Glass Door, the data scientist is the sixth best job in the UK, and the data analyst is ranked 35th on the list. With a median annual income of $50,000 and an average annual income of more than $60,500, data scientists are America's number two.

Most people think that a data scientist is part of a company's big data strategy, such as a product or service, but that is not the case. The role of a data scientist differs from that of a data analyst or engineer in that it leads to the ability to ask the right questions and develop new ideas, products and services. While the role of a data analyst takes you one step further into the "funnel of data science," you can also imagine the Data Scientist as an expert in the fields of data analysis, data science or data technology

Now, let’s have a look at the different job-roles that are handled by Data Science experts.

  • Data Scientist

Data Scientists will be playing a crucial role in the business development process. These professionals need to have strong business acumen & must offer the best solutions for complex business challenges using advanced data analytical techniques and data processing. These professionals need to analyze several large volumes of unstructured data and perform predictive analysis to offer actionable insights. These professionals need to help enterprises in their decision making process and help the stakeholders in making informed decisions..

How to Become a Data Scientist?

Skill Sets that are crucial to excel in a career as a Data Scientist include R, MatLab, SQL, Python, and other complementary technologies. 

  • Data Analyst

Data Analysts would be playing a crucial role in data analytical tasks like data visualisation, data munging, and data processing of large volumes of mostly unstructured messy data. These professionals are also responsible for performing queries on the databases from time to time. They also need to work on task of modifying algorithms & handle databases without corrupting the data.

How to Become a Data Analyst?

Skill Sets that are crucial to excel in a career as a Data Analyst include SQL, R, SAS, Python, etc. 

  • Data Engineers

These professionals are responsible for the tasks of building and testing scalable Big Data ecosystems for the businesses so that the data scientists can run their algorithms on the data systems that are stable and highly optimized. These professionals are also responsible for the task of bringing newer or upgraded versions of the current technologies to improve the efficiency of the databases.

How to Become a Data Engineer?

Skill sets that are crucial to excel in a career as Data Engineer include Hive, NoSQL, R, Ruby, Java, C++, and Matlab. 

  • Machine Learning Engineer

Next to Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers are in high demand today. These professionals have in-depth knowledge of latest technologies like SQL, REST APIs, etc. and are skilled in performing A/B testing, build data pipelines. These professionals are skilled in handling algorithms such as classification, clustering, etc.

How to Become a Machine Learning Engineer?

Skill sets that are crucial to excel in a career as Machine Learning Engineer technologies like Java, Python, JS, etc. These professionals also have intense Statistical and Mathematical. 


Data Science has numerous career path ways & the job-role of a Data Scientist is considered as the hottest job in-demand. Data Scientists are skilled experts who can clean and organize data for companies. Data scientists can also handle large amounts of complex raw and processed data without much difficulty. The role of a Data Analyst takes you one step further into the "funnel of Data Science,".

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