How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Healthcare? 

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven smart applications & software solutions has become more prevalent in our everyday life and modern business.  From merely being depicted in the science fiction movies back in the late ‘90s to the advanced Chatbots, Autonomous Driverless Vehicles, and Smart Digital Assistants in our smart phones, it is well clear that AI has quickly become an inseparable part of everyday activities. Today, the applications of Artificial Intelligence can be seen in the industries across the verticals including but not limited to IT, Banking, Business, Industrial, E-Commerce, Space Research, Defence, Government, Healthcare, and several other sectors. 

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare- Feel Better About the Future: 

As the advancements in Artificial Intelligence are happening at a rapid pace, several of its applications are steadily being applied in the Healthcare industry. These applications are proving to be very crucial in assisting healthcare providers in many aspects of patient care and administrative processes. There’s no denying the fact that the healthcare industry would take revolutionary leaps forward with the integration of AI & healthcare institutions will be delivering superior quality, customer-centric patient care with the help of AI. 

AI can outperform humans in certain procedures, such as accurate diagnosis of diseases & within a few years we can expect AI to replace humans for a broad range of medical tasks and at the same time, AI will also be creating several new challenging jobs in the Healthcare industry.

Smart Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare:

  • AI Healthcare Solutions for Doctors  

The rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence are benefiting Healthcare specialists at large. For instance, analyzing patient data and applying AI & Machine Learning solutions result in accurate decision support systems that can improve the accuracy in diagnostics. AI-powered smart systems and software solutions can help Doctors in improving their overall performance and experience.

AI-driven smart systems can accurately analyze patient’s data like information from mutation genetics and DNA, thereby detecting cancer and vascular diseases in advance. AI systems can help Doctors in predicting the health risks patients may face in the near future.

  • AI-Powered Virtual Health Assistants 

Several Artificial Intelligence companies have developed smart virtual health assistants using augmented reality, cognitive computing, speech, and body gestures.

These AI-powered smart virtual heath assistants can deliver a personalized experience where patients are free to clear their doubts & help them manage their health efficiently.

These smart health assistants are also acting as a bridge between the service providers and patients.

  • AI-Powered Customer Service Bots

The use of AI-powered bots for customer support has become the new norm in the business world. AI-powered customer service bots that rely on Natural Language Processing (NPL) and Sentiment Analysis are largely being used in the Healthcare sector.  

They allow patients to ask questions regarding bill payment, appointments, or medication refills. As AI-powered bots being deployed to assist patients in addressing their queries, healthcare professionals have got plenty of time to focus on priority tasks.

  • AI-Powered Robotics Assistance in Surgery 

Healthcare institutions are now deploying AI-powered advanced robots to assist surgeons in their surgical process. By carefully analyzing the patient’s data, AI-powered robots can improvise the already existing surgical approaches. The strategy helps in minimizing the treatment time and score of error. 

  • AI in Ensuring Strict Data Privacy 

Keeping patient-related data safe and confidential is very crucial for healthcare enterprises. Healthcare institutions are now relying on AI & Machine Learning-powered smart security solutions for preventing system breaches. 

  • AI in Drug Development

The entire drug development process is a time and money-consuming task. With the assistance of AI, pharmaceutical enterprises are now able to shorten their drug development process lifecycle & are developing effective drugs. This is evident from the recent vaccines that are developed for COVID within a time span of less than a year. 


AI would undoubtedly be going to impact the healthcare industry at large & it puts consumers in control of health and well-being. Also by deploying AI in healthcare professionals can better diagnose & treat their patients. The advancements in AI can make healthcare available to people across all corners of the world.

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence is becoming more prevalent in daily clinical practice. The only healthcare providers who will lose out on the full potential of AI in healthcare maybe those who refuse to work alongside it. AI Will Not Replace Healthcare Workers, but it May Drastically Change Their Jobs. Prepare your career to face the new world of rising career opportunities in Artificial Intelligence & stay relevant with the current technology trends in AI with our AI Patasala’s advanced Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning Training program in collaboration with expert Data Scientists.