How to Overcome the Fear of Math and Learn Math for Data Science?

The world is rapidly transforming into a digital hub and data is being created at a rate that exceeds the expectations of everyone. Amid the growing demand for Big Data, the demand for data analytical technologies is surpassing the demand for any other IT or Software technology. Data Science is probably one of the most widely used data analysis tools & it has become a lucrative career option for people across all walks of life. 

Is it possible for everyone interested in becoming a Data Scientist can learn Data Science? The answer is “No” & the only reason would be “Fear Mathematics.” You must be wondering what Mathematics has got to do with Data Science, aren’t you? Data Science is multidisciplinary in nature & it makes use of different aspects like Statistical Modeling, Mathematical concepts, Programming, Machine Learning, etc to accurately interpret Big Data to extract actionable insights from it. So, Mathematics would undoubtedly be playing a critical role in the field of Data Science. 

Overcome the Fear of Maths:

There are many people who are scared of mathematics and & amid the misconception that Data Science requires a long list of math topics as a prerequisite many people set aside their desire to become a Data Scientist owing to their fear of Maths.

The saying that Mathematics is a pre-requisite for Data Science isn’t completely correct. Basic knowledge in Mathematics is essential to get started in Data Science as a beginner, but you don’t need to be a Maths scholar to get started with Data Science. 

Basic Mathematical Skills that You Need to Have for Data Science:

If you are a Data Science career enthusiast who’s looking to get started with the process of mastering the skills in Data Science then, get started by brushing your skills in the basic mathematical concepts like 

  • Calculus 
  • Linear Algebra
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Discrete Math
  • Graph Theory
  • Information Theory

One thing that you need to understand here is that you can never master the concepts in Maths by just reading and understanding. You need to learn through practical implementation by applying the formulae to different problems.

The Good News:

If you have Maths phobia then, you’re not going to have much fun as a Data Scientist or Data Analyst. If you wish to overcome your fear of maths by taking some time to improve your familiarity with probability and statistics and to learn the principles underlying calculus and linear algebra, Mathematics would no longer be a problem for you to learn Data Science.


Learning maths for Data Science is a lot easier & you can get started by picking the math topic that you always wanted to learn. Also, rather than simply going though the concepts and their formulas working practically on the exercises would be a lot better. The hands-on practical approach can help you to overcome the fear of maths right away.

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