Increased Use Of AI For Cybersecurity Applications

Cyber attacks have become one of major problems of concern for enterprises across the industry verticals. As per a report released by Norton, it has stated that the average recovery cost from a common data breach is estimated at $3.86 million. Cyber attacks have become more prevalent & in most of the cases data breaches would go unnoticed due to the inefficient security systems. This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes crucial. By integrating security systems with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technologies, companies can not only detect threats at the earliest but would also become capable of predicting the occurrence of cyber threats. The use of AI & ML technologies would makes companies compliant with security best practices.

AI & Machine Learning in Cyber Security: 

AI & Machine Learning are considered as the most disruptive technologies that are impacting industries at large. Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence and has several complex algorithms that enable computers to analyze data, learn from past experiences, and make decisions, all in a way that resembles human behavior.

By deploying the complex Machine Learning algorithms in cyber security models can help enterprises to automatically detect and analyze security threats. Most of the prominent tech-based IT companies & large-scale businesses have started relying heavily on AI & ML powered advanced security models to protect their sensitive data from any form of cyber threats and security breaches. 

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Cyber Security: 

  • AI for Better Vulnerability Management

Most of the enterprises across industry verticals are finding it difficult to tackle the new vulnerabilities which they are facing on a daily basis. Enterprises that are still relying on the use of conventional security models are inefficient in safe guarding their sensitive data from external threats.

Enterprises can empower their vulnerability management capabilities by deploying AI and Machine Learning techniques. Security models that are embedded with AI & Machine Learning algorithms are more capable of detecting anomalies that might indicate an unknown attack. 

  • AI for Accurate Threat Management 

Most of the conventional security tools make use of signatures or attack indicators that are better in identifying the previously discovered threats. But when it comes to detecting new threats, these tools become inefficient. 

By integrating traditional threat detection models with Artificial Intelligence, the threat detection rate can be increased up to 95 percent through behavior analysis.

  • AI for Network Security

The use of Artificial Intelligence can enhance the network security. AI enables the network security systems to learn the patterns of network traffic and & the system warns whenever there’s an unusual pattern.

Benefits of AI in Cyber Security:

Some of the major benefits of integrating Artificial Intelligence with Cyber Security are 

  • Enhanced Security screening
  • Security & Crime Prevention
  • Accurate Analysis of Mobile Endpoints
  • Enhanced Threat Detection
  • Reduces Threat Response Time


The advancements in Artificial Intelligence aren’t going to impact just industries across the verticals but they are also going to impact diverse technologies. Cyber Security is one of the multiple uses of Artificial Intelligence. Enterprises have started investing heavily in AI as a part of their Cyber Security initiatives to avoid waste of time and financial losses. AI, and Machine Learning powered threat intelligence systems can recognize patterns and safeguard sensitive data from all forms of security risks and threats.

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