AI Patasala-The Perfect Platform to Master the Core Cognitive Skills in Data Science

AI Patasala is one of the best trusted best success-rated institutes for Data Science training. The best thing about the Data Science training programs at AI Patasala is that the training sessions here are headed by real-world Data Scientists who are having wealth of industry experience.

“Build a Rewarding Career in Data Science with the Help of Advanced Data Science Training Programs at AI Patasala”

As the demand for Data Scientists continuous to stay on the surge, there is a significant rise in the demand for the training programs on Data Science. To become a Data Scientist one needs to develop skills in multidisciplinary areas as Data Science is not a single discipline but rather an umbrella term used to describe a complex process. Starting from the basics of Math & Programming skills to the advanced Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning skills are required to excel in a Data Science career. 

Most of the Data Science experts recommend AI Patasala’s Master’s in Data Science program to Data Science aspirants who wish to learn Data Science from scratch to advanced level topics involving AI & Machine Learning. 

Why Learn Data Science?

Amid the growing demand for Big Data & data analytical skills, Data Science has become a lucrative career option & the job-role of a Data Scientist is currently the hottest job skill in-demand. Experts have termed Data Scientist job-role as the ‘Sexiest Job Title of 21st Century”.  

A recent article from Gartner states that Data Science, AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning technologies are expected to generate more than 2.3 million jobs over the next 2-3 years. Data Scientists can expect several high salary packages ranging from $133,000 to $143,500. Simply, Data Science is the perfect career option for people across all walks of life. The top-notch hands-on training in Data Science at AI Patasala will help students to master the relevant job-centric skills in Data Science that would get them hired successfully. 

Data Science Training Program by AI Patasala Have Become the Choice of Preference for Budding Data Scientists!!...

What Makes Data Science Training by AI Patasala as the Best Preferred Choice?

‘AI Patasala’ is one of the best success-rated institutes for training in Data Science. The trainers at AI Patasala are carefully hand-picked from the analytics industry & are having more than 10+ years of relevant domain experience. Our expert trainers have done their domain specialization from the esteemed IIT background. Our trainers will be working with a full-fledged commitment to shaping our students into becoming industry-ready Data Scientists. 

In addition to developing cognitive skills in Data Science, students will also be mastering the advanced skills in topics involving Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, TensorFlow, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Neural Networks, Recommender Systems, and other advanced topics will be covered.  

Specialist Trainers at AI Patasala:

The trainers in this program are carefully hand-picked from the Data Science industry & are having wealth of industry experience (Mr. Ashok 12+Years, M. Anil 7+ Years, Mr. Sai 15+ Years). 

Data Science Courses Offered At AI Patasala Training Institute:

  • Master’s in Data Science (80+ Hours + 5 Real-Time Projects + 25 Assignments) 
  • Data Science (60+ Hours + 3 Real-Time Projects + 15 Assignments)
  • Python with Machine Learning (60+ Hours + 3 Real-Time Projects + 15 Assignments)
  • AI with Deep Learning (60+ Hours + 3 Real-Time Projects + 15 Assignments)

AI Patasala’s Data Science Training Programs Highlights:

  • Expert Trainers from IIT & PHD Alumni
  • 140+ Hours of Intense Training
  • 3 Real-Time Capstone Projects
  • 25+ Assignments
  • Mentorship Sessions from Industry Experts
  • 100% Placement Assistance

Our Placement Approach:

AI Patasala has successfully made tie-ups with many MNC companies and start-ups that recruit Data Science talent at large. Post successful completion of Data Science training program, AI Patasala will be recommending the profiles of our students to these companies. We extend our 100% Placement Support to help our students get successfully placed.

This is the perfect time to prepare your career for the high-paying new challenging job-roles in Data Science by joining the advanced Master’s in Data Science training program by AI Patasala. 

Be a Part of AI Patasala’s Advanced Data Science Training Programs & Become Full-Fledged Industry-Ready Data Scientist!!...