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AI Patasala is a premium institute that is set up with a vision to exponentially increase the analytics community in India. We offer intense application-driven & hands-on training programs in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning courses by collaborating with India’s top-rated Kaggle experts, master & grandmaster with alumni of IIT and PH.D. Mentors. The trainers at AI Patasala will be working with a strong intent to shape their students into becoming job-ready experts in the courses of their choice. The curriculum in our courses is specially designed by industry experts and is focused on meeting the requirements of the 21st-century analytics workplace.

The courses at AI Patasala will help students in developing critical skills to successfully pursue their career as a Data Scientist, Business Analyst, Artificial Intelligence Expert, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Visualization Expert, Big Data Intelligence Manager, etc. We foster skills that recruiters generally look for in their ideal candidates at the time of the hiring process. We also have the highest course completion rate in the industry.


We are committed to delivering world-class training students in a conducive environment where they can learn, grow, transform and excel in their professional careers.


We are very much passionate about helping our students create opportunities through enriched learning. We deliver professional, practical and positive learning experiences so that by the end of the course, students become competent, valuable & industry-ready professionals who are ready to excel in their career.

What our Founders Say about AI Patasala

“AI Patasala works with a strong intent to deliver intense hands-on application driven training in the trending analytical technologies like Python, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, & Deep Learning. The training programs here are specially designed by the industry experts and are focused on meeting the requirements of the 21st-century analytics workplace.” Anusha


Bharath Goud
Bharath Goud
Data Science

Before I started studying in AI Patasala, I lacked the very basics required to solve the problems. But Manish sir taught all the concepts from the very basics and in a manner that was both easy to understand and to apply. I got the job very early because of his teaching experience, the way he teaches us very greatly and we get easily get job in top rated companies in Data Science field. Now I am working at Infosys. Moreover he motivates his students a lot which is really important. So if you have an opportunity to learn from him, I would recommend to do it without any hesitation.
Kavya Shree
Kavya Shree
Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

I am Kavya Shree, currently working at Accenture. I have studied Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning from Ashok sir, he is one class of a teacher who not only teaches well but also create interest in you to explore the subject, coming to work, he has taught the AI and DL which is a nightmare for many but he made this subjects cakewalk, also he does not make irrelevant copy filling notes, just not AL and DL he clarifies doubts in other subjects which will leave u mesmerized,(that is the way things work). He along with some faculty has opened AI Patasala institute, I support him in his endeavour, some institute is trying to defame him, and institute just because of business competition. I assure u must not listen to this crap and nonsense from others; he is one of best faculty in AL and DL. Please do not be fooled by other institutes.
Chaitanya Kumar
Chaitanya Kumar
Data Science

I’m very happy with my decision of joining the Data Science course at AI Patasala. They have also introduced a few new topics to help us stay relevant with the current Data Science industry trends. Trainers here are frontline industry experts and are always supportive and available at any point in time. The training sessions here are as per the current Data Science industry standards.
Raghava Reddy
Raghava Reddy

Prior to joining the Data Science course at AI Patasala, I was a complete novice in programming. However, as this course covers the topics right from the scratch, I was able to develop skills in all the essential areas. Thanks to exemplary training & guidance from the faculty that today I’m now confident of handling any form of complex analytics industry challenges.
Vicky Mishra
Vicky Mishra
Artificial Intelligence

The best thing about this course is that the curriculum here covers topics right from the very basics of programming to advanced NLP, Speech Recognition & Image Recognition topics in AI. The trainers here are very supportive. The training delivery here is very unique & the faculty explains topics very clearly by stating multiple examples.
Shalvi Dhote
Shalvi Dhote
Python with Machine Learning

I took a hard choice 2 years back, I dropped a year for Python with machine learning coaching. For that, I chose AI Patasala which turned out to be the best decision. I can say this predominantly because of Suresh Sir. He is indeed one of the gems I have come across who has inspired me to do great in every aspect. He carries a great passion and depth of the concepts he teaches. He can easily switch between a friend and a faculty. He can go to any level to make you understand something if you are passionate enough. He leaves the class only after taking all the doubts and makes sure everyone has their doubts sorted. Hardly you will come across a teacher who will make you fall in love with the subject. He is a very genuine person and you will be surprised to know that he is modest despite the kind of knowledge he wields. There are no magic tricks; he will make you understand concepts in a fundamental way so that it always stays with you.

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