FAQ’s | AI Patasala

Artificial Intelligence(Full Stack Data Scientist) & Data Science courses FAQ's

What Exactly AI Patasala Intended To Provide?

Backed by a team of expert professionals, AI Patasala intends to provide authentic training in trending analytical technologies like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence(Full Stack Data Scientist), Machine Learning, & Deep Learning. 

Our intense application-driven hands-on training approach will help trainees build knowledge of the trending techniques, improve analytics competency and develop skills for handling Big Data and Business Analytics tools.

What Are Our Institutes Core Values?

At AI Patasala, we are very much committed to work to our core values of the Highest Level of Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism, & Service Excellence. We work with the full-fledge commitment towards fulfilling the promises which we have made to our students prior to the commencement of their course. 

Who Can Join The Training Programs at AI Patasala?

Our training programs are apt for the aspirants who are keen on excelling in a career in analytics. Our programs will also benefit working professionals who are planning to make a career switch into the analytics domain. We help you develop skills that are needed to land your dream job and help you succeed in your career.

What is the Mode of Training?

Our training programs allow students to learn entirely online and online learning is the future of education.

Who Will Be My Trainer? 

We have three different trainers who are real-time experts in the industry. They have 10+ years of industry experience and are from an IIT background. 

They work with full-fledge commitment to help their students develop the right set of skills & help them succeed in their career. 

Is the Course Curriculum Relevant with Industry Standards?

Yes, our course curriculum is specially designed by experts & it resonates with the current industry standards. We also update our curriculum on a frequent basis to help our students stay relevant with the current analytics industry trends.

Do You Provide Real-Time Training?

Yes, our training programs are purely real-time focused. Post successful completion of our training programs, students would become capable of handling the challenging & high-paying corporate job-roles in the analytics domain.

How will I Get to Build My Project Portfolio? 

As a part of the course, you will be working on multiple capstone projects that are quite challenging & innovative and this would surely be adding value to our profile. 

Do You Provide Any Placement Support?

Yes, we have made tie-ups with many reputed companies and start-ups that hire Data Science talent at large. Post successful completion of your course, we recommend our students’ profiles to these companies. 

We extend our 100% support to help our students get successfully placed. 

Do You Conduct Any Mock Interview Sessions?

Yes, we prepare our students for the interviews by conducting multiple mock interview sessions. We will also extend our support in resume preparation and interview scheduling. 

Post your course completion, you will be interview-ready with relevant skills to successfully clear the interview rounds. 

How to Apply For the Program?

Aspirants can register for the course by filling the online course enrollment form or reach out to us at info@aipatasala.com or simply call us at +91 9160622221.