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With IT organizational culture becoming more data-cantered, Big Data has become the new oil that fuels the IT development process. This led to an increased demand for professionals carrying data analytical skill-sets. In such a case, investing in your employees analytical skill development training programs is a viable option for organizations rather than working on new talent acquisition that can be time taking and expensive.

Bridge the critical analytics skill gaps in your existing employees with our customized corporate training programs. You can benefit from our meticulously structured courses to train your workforce in the areas of Data Science, Machine Learning, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence(Full Stack Data Scientist) & Deep Learning and make your employees ultra productive. We help your employees’ up-skill and help them to develop skills in the latest data analytical tools, techniques, and algorithms that are the need of the hour.

We can help your organization in becoming a “centrepiece” of the employee learning experience.
Corporate Training

Why Top Companies Prefer AI Patasala?

  • Technical support to measure your team's current analytics skills gap
  • Customized curriculums that fit your organizations/projects unique needs
  • Diverse training methodologies with convenient schedules
  • Dedicated trainers with IIT & Ph.D. specializations
  • Guest lecturers & webinars by domain experts
  • Continuous feedback on employee training status
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Programs delivered as per your trainings

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Data Science

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence(Full Stack Data Scientist)



Bharath Goud
Bharath Goud
Data Science
Kavya Shree
Kavya Shree
Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
Chaitanya Kumar
Chaitanya Kumar
Data Science

Bharath Goud

Data ScienceBefore I started studying in AI Patasala, I lacked the very basics required to solve the problems. But Manish sir taught all the concepts from the very basics and in a manner that was both easy to understand and to apply. I got the job very early because of his teaching experience, the way he teaches us very greatly and we get easily get job in top rated companies in Data Science field. Now I am working at Infosys. Moreover he motivates his students a lot which is really important. So if you have an opportunity to learn from him, I would recommend to do it without any hesitation.

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