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AI Patasala Machine Learning Course Projects by Students

Fraud Detection Architecture

Problem Statement

  • With the advancements in technology, credit card fraudulent activities have become more prevalent
  • Credit card fraud leads to the loss of billions of dollars for consumers and financial companies
  • In 2020, US alone lost whopping $9.47 billion through illegal credit card transactions


    The aim of this project is to build a model that is capable of detecting credit card fraudulent transactions.

  • We will be developing a fraud detection model using Machine Learning
  • This model can be built using different ML algorithms
  • We will also plot the respective performance curves for the models
  • We will learn how data can be analyzed and visualized to discern fraudulent transactions from other types of data


Profitable Customer Segments Architecture

Problem Statement

  • Targeting potential users based on their peculiar interests can help enterprises in achieving the desired results
  • But how to analyze and segment users based on their interest? This is a critical challenge for enterprises


We can group customers into sections of individuals who share common characteristics. This approach is called Customer Segmentation

  • Customer Segmentation is one the most important applications of unsupervised learning
  • This technique can help enterprises in identifying several segments of customers
  • Companies can easily identify and target their potential user base
  • Customer segmentation helps in delivering personalize experiences to customers